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BTD5 Specialty Buildings

Title: BTD5 Specialty Buildings
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Category: Defense
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Description: Bloons Tower Defense 5 Specialty Buildings. Play Bloons Tower Defense 5 to check out the new five Specialty Buildings for Dart, Tack, Boomerang, Bomb, and Apprentice towers. Play everyday and earn monkey money so that you will be the first to check out the new Specialy Buildings.
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  1. lowl12 says:

    This game rocks :)

  2. lowl12 says:

    Still Rocks

  3. lowl12 says:

    So rocking

  4. xavier says:


  5. shane says:

    will not load

  6. lolastar8 says:

    this game is f*ckin awesome b!tches

  7. ArcanE says:

    Game not loading…

  8. Ace mythblade says:

    Awesome game, bad loading

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